The Dream [爱小熊英语]

You have been given a dream–a purpose for being here.And in each life,it is up to you to make a difference.To leave joy,smiles and laughter as you pass the people by,to touch a life and leave an imprint of love.This is your task,your challenge,your pursuit.It will be up to you when all has been said and done.Whether you accomplish your purpose for being on this earth.Some may try to hinder that purpose or even thwart it.But if you really hold on to the dream,you will see it through.No one can really affect your dreams unless you allow them to.No one can change your dreams unless you give your dreams to them.
Never settle for anything less than your purpose.Never go back on your word.Make it count for more than just words.And when you lay your head down at night,you will find peace.Not only within yourself but with the dream that lives within you.And at the end if you are granted a chance to look back,you will smile for you will have lived your dream and your purpose will have been fulfilled.