The American Dream Story [爱小熊英语]

Once there was a boy that loved skateboarding.He started skating at age 5.His name was John.He lived in Fillmore and his mom and dad were both lawyers.He lived in a beautiful house.It was the color of a peach and had a roof that was in the sixth grade he tried doing a 360 off the top of his house.When he tried it he fell and his back hit the skateboard.He broke his ribs,back,legs and cracked his head open.He grew up disabled and everyone made fun of him.He always wished to be a professional skater.
On his 18th birthday,a bully from his school took one of his presents.He got so mad and said,”That’s the last straw”.By a miracle he chased the bully down running and punched him in the nose.On his next birthday he got another skateboard.
When he was 21,he went to an amateur skateboarding competition.John won first place.He went on to the championship games,the X-Games.John got 5th place at the X-Games.He never knew he’d be in the X-Games.At the age of 23 he thought of being a professional skater as a career.He started appearing on sports channels like ESPN and started to become famous.
John developed cancer and had to leave skateboarding.It was bad since he noticed it late.When he had an operation it went perfectly,but he was loosing too much blood.They said that if he doesn’t get a donation fast he would die.It was predicted that in 48 hours he would die.It took the blood 3 days to get there.John was still alive,but he was pale and stayed awake for only 30 minutes every day.He got better and returned to skating.He was around 50 years old when he retired.Even though he went around the world he still lived in Fillmore,in his own neighborhood and in the house he grew up in.