Reading Your Life [爱小熊英语]

Reading is the marriage of words and the mind,producing ideas and inspiration through the sharing of our collective words.It has been said that “A picture equals a thousand words” and long ago,ancient men scrawled simple drawings on their cave walls to communicate their fears and desires,their hopes and dreams,and,in short,their way of life.As people evolved into modern man,the written word,and the reading of these words,bacame the main channel of communication that distinguished human beings as intelligent creatures and not just animals.This human need to communicate and express our emotions and feelings have made written word a foundation of civilization and a vital element of living a modern and successful life.
Reading and education are a marriage as old as the heavens and the earth.Reading has been the primary method of learning and teaching this knowledge since the dawn of civilization.Reading has undergone a glorious renaissance of form and function and is now more ways than ever.
Reading continues to be an integral part of life.I hope that you continue to read and enjoy yourself through reading.Cavemen in the past scrawled pictures and symbols for others to read and understand their feelings,their emotions,and their lives.Today,a picture is still worth a thousand words,and more and more people are reading those words as well as admiring the picture.